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About Us

We as a team are focused on providing our community with the very best healthcare with a personal touch. Our knowledgeable staff with 10 years + experience, are enthusiastic and continually updating their skills. We aim to make a positive contribution to affordable healthcare.

We can do prescriptions – get your G.P to fax them to us or pop in store.

– you have a repeat due ? If you email or ring us we can have it ready for you to pick up or us to deliver!

Our other services include

–  Over the counter Medicine

– Pharmacist Onlys

– ECP (emergency contraceptives)

–  Erectile Dysfunction Consultations

– Urinary Tract Infection Consultations

– Blood Pressure Checks

–  Blood Glucose Testing

–  Medico Packs (Free 1 Month Trial and $5.00 thereafter)

– Professional advice

– Natural Health

–  Bottle and breastfeeding equipment

–  Beauty and Skincare

– Affordable and Unique Gifts


Charge Pharmacists for enquiries: Shwetashna Prasad & Hayley Steenkamp